Bangkok, Thailand

Having visited Bangkok only five months ago on our way back from Myanmar, it was already a known entity. Our trip from Koh Chang to Bangkok was interesting and included several hours of discomfort for Sam squished up in the back corner of a minivan...but these things happen. On our last trip to Bangkok we... Continue Reading →

Koh Chang, Thailand

The start of our trip was rather subdued. We have gotten so used to travelling during our holidays that it felt like a normal trip, just with bigger backpacks! Will had managed to get his down to 16kg, but Sam's was a heafty 20kg....and neither of those included a few extra kilos in the day... Continue Reading →


We have wanted to travel to Japan since before we even met. And even after travelling to Japan for 2 weeks in the winter of 2011, it is number one on our list to go back to - hopefully to live in the near future! Japan was very much just as we expected it to... Continue Reading →


Yangon On arriving in the city of Yangon our excitement was high. Leaving behind the ultra-modern city of Seoul we stepped off the plane and it was like stepping back in time. Our “taxi” was older than any of the cars we had ever owned, probably older than us. We had a plan: spend a... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong

Hong Kong. The first country that we travelled to as a couple (excluding Australia, which doesn't count, and Rarotonga for our honeymoon). We were so excited to be somewhere that was so different to home. A city that is fast paced, with a constant hum of movement all around. We were there for 8 days... Continue Reading →

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