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Chances are that if you are here, you already know us. But if not, or you have forgotten who we are (due to the consumption of too many fermented beveridges) we are are married couple from New Zealand who decided in 2010 that we would quit our jobs, sell our house, and move to Korea in order to fuel our desire to travel. We have created this blog to share our travelling experiences with our friends and family as we take off on our travels.

This is not meant to be an informative blog, or go out to get hits or anything like that. It is basically our travel diary. But, if it helps inspire anyone else to get out and travel, then so be it!

We are also super awesome, and always travel with our plush radish, Mu.

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  1. Hello, My name is Mason (Kiwi in Perth) & im planning a 2 week vacation to Japan. I was hoping you can help me with some questions? I plan to fly into Osaka but need to get to Kyoto (same day) – What is the quickest or easiest way? I also planned to visit Osaka after Kyoto but your blog has got me wondering to change. I hope to hear from you soon..

    Mason – I leave in April 2015

    1. Hi Mason. I’d say that the quickest and easiest way would be to take a train to Kyoto after your flight gets in. It’s just over an hour to get there I think, and it is very easy to get tickets and figure out. The site http://www.seat61.com usually has all the info on trains, schedules and links to help planning a trip. There are also probably buses, and we have found limo buses in east Asia to be extremely comfortable and fast. However normal buses are built to fit the normal sized local people, meaning that I (at 1.85m) usually struggle to squeeze into the seats, which would not be fun after a long flight!

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