Hong Kong

Hong Kong. The first country that we travelled to as a couple (excluding Australia, which doesn’t count, and Rarotonga for our honeymoon). We were so excited to be somewhere that was so different to home. A city that is fast paced, with a constant hum of movement all around. We were there for 8 days and stayed in a very flash and rather expensive hotel which, despite basically being a glorified shoebox with an amazing ensuite, had the best views we could have hoped for. On more than one occasion we found ourselves sitting on the window seat of the 20th story room, gazing out over the skyline.
Hong Kong is somewhere we desperately want to go back to. There was an interesting Chinese/British feel, even though most of the English has disappeared. Getting purposefully lost on the first few days by just walking for hours down whichever road looked the coolest was fantastic, and certainly a welcome shock to the system to see the towering scaffolding on construction sites made entirely of bamboo, or the welders on the busy and pokey streets fixing their gadgets in the middle of the street. Unfortunately we did not sample as much of the food as we had hoped and ended up sticking to the ease of food courts and dairies, perhaps due to being completely new at travelling and being a bit too nervous to walk into a random establishment full of Chinese characters on the walls with no way of deciphering them. A hurdle which these days we have become accustomed to and even relish.
The skyline of Victoria Harbour, from both the Kowloon side, Hong Kong Island side, and especially from the deck of the iconic Star Ferries, is simply stunning. The light show that is put on at 8pm every night which you view from the Kowloon side of the harbour, is breathtaking with many synchronised lights on all of the skyscrapers making for a fantastic fireworks-esqu display.
Other highlights included the Big Buddha out by the new Kai Tak airport. A huge bronze Buddha which is accessed by a stunning 30 minute gondola ride over the hills. On Hong Kong Island, Stanley Bay was a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, with a small french seaside village feel rather than just over the hill from one of the worldest most populated and busy cities. And seeing the All Blacks play Australia at the Hong Kong Stadium was a fantastic experience – especially for two new-expats! We sung the anthem with pride and gusto, got ridiculously drunk in the stands, and then got lost many times trying to get back to our hotel on the peninsula.
Hong Kong – we can’t wait to come back to see you!


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