Lisbon, Portugal

Well as predicted our flight from France was delayed. We waited an extra three hours before the plane departed making it a very long day, being treated like cattle the whole way. Thanks EasyJet. We arrived in Lisbon, threw our packs on our backs and headed for our hotel. We were a little nervous as... Continue Reading →

Monflanquin, France

Our next port of call on our French roadtrip was Monflanquin, a small village in the Aquitaine region of southern France. This was the village where Will had spent many of his summers as a child so it was almost like going home! But before we reached Monflanquin we had decided to stop off in... Continue Reading →

Arles, France

From Nice to Arles was a stunning but mostly frustrating trip. After days of driving at our own pace we found it deeply annoying to get stuck in endless traffic jams stretching endlessly along the Mediterranean coast. On the plus side it gave us more time to look out over the azure water. And at old... Continue Reading →


We were staying about a 20 minute drive north of Nice, not only for cheaper and nicer accommodation, but also to avoid the traffic in the city. There was only one thing on our mind for the first day in this part of the world: Monaco. It had been Will's childhood dream to drive around... Continue Reading →

Route Des Alpes, France

We didn't realise it at the time, but the route we had chosen to get through to Nice was called the Route Does Alpes, a 700km drive that took us right through the heart of the Alps. The first couple of hours were nothing particularly special as we left Chamonix back towards Sallanches, before turning... Continue Reading →

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