Driving in Greece

It's very difficult to convey to others how driving is in other countries. It's completely dependant on what each person is used to, where they've driven, and how they've been taught. That being said, I felt like I'd give it a go. I love driving. In my 20s, I'd go for a drive every chance... Continue Reading →

Delphi, Greece

The drive from Olympia to Delphi was another stunner. Once we had crossed the Gulf of Corinth we had a stop in Nafpaktos for a wander and some lunch before carrying on along the gorgeous coastline on a beautiful day. Like Olympia, we were a little surprised at how small Delphi was. It was a... Continue Reading →

Olympia, Greece

Unlike our drive from Nafplio to Sparti, the next drive to Olympia was relatively uneventful and we arrived in Olympia on a cold and rainy day, 2 hours before our agreed meeting time with the guesthouse owner. In that 2 hours we started exploring the town. 5 minutes later, we had finished. Oh dear. We... Continue Reading →

Sparti, Greece

We had several routes to choose from to get between Nafplio and Sparti. Perhaps unsurprisingly we chose the long route which took us around the Argolic Gulf before cutting inland and proceeding through a mountain pass. The coastal part of the route was beautiful and ran through several postcard perfect villages which demanded several coffee... Continue Reading →

Nafplio, Greece

Well tickle me pink and colour me the colour of surprise (let's say highlighter beige with fluorescent green polka dots). We did NOT expect Nafplio to be like it is. Although to be fair, we had no expectations of what it would be like. Located roughly the same distance from both Epidaurus and Mycenae, Nafplio... Continue Reading →

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