Delphi, Greece

The drive from Olympia to Delphi was another stunner. Once we had crossed the Gulf of Corinth we had a stop in Nafpaktos for a wander and some lunch before carrying on along the gorgeous coastline on a beautiful day.

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Like Olympia, we were a little surprised at how small Delphi was. It was a lot nicer and more “local” however, and we enjoyed wandering around the town, saying hello to the cats, eating gyros, and loving the view from our hotel balcony. There were a few more people around than in Olympia, however as soon as the sun went down, they had largely left leaving just us and the locals.

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The historic site of Delphi itself we left until the following morning. Unlike everywhere else we had been, there were actually a few tours there, and it almost annoyed us having to share a site with other people…especially those audibly complaining how there was no beer onsite, as they sat looking bored. We both felt like saying “why the fuck are you here then?!” But we refrained. Well done us.

Delphi was smaller than we expected but it, along with the amazing museum, was typical of most sites that we had seen in Greece: stunning and overflowing with history and intrigue. From the wealthy treasuries built along the main entrance, to the Temple of Apollo where the Oracle gave Apollo’s prophecies to those who were granted an audience, everything at Delphi impressed. The stories of Greece were also all starting to join up too from all of the sites that we were seeing.

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For the late afternoon, we carried on down the road to see what we could find. The answer: Arachova, a very cute ski town. We ended up spending the rest of the day there exploring the streets, dosing up on caffeine and amazing sarnies, and soaking in the views down the valley. A perfect end to a perfect day!

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Next stop: um…no idea actually. We had 4 days until we had to drop off the car in Athens. So we had a few beers, and made some random plans. Should be interesting!


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