Venice, Italy

Oh Venice. The city of love, romance and 118 islands. And one of Will's favorite places. Now Venice was supposed to be (according to the travel guides) very expensive. With that in mind we decided to stay not on one if the 118 islands but on the mainland near the town of Mestre. We arrived... Continue Reading →

Rimini, Italy, and San Marino

The next stop on our travels was San Marino, however to get there we had to pass through the beach town of Rimini. We had decided to stay there a night to see what it was like. Rimini is billed as being the place where Italians go for their beach holidays, and to not expect... Continue Reading →

Florence, Italy

I like to say that leaving Rome went off without a hitch but this was not the case. We were up early, fed and showered with our packs on ready to leave when the door to our B n B wouldn't open. We tried our keys. Nothing. The other guests tried their keys. Nothing. We... Continue Reading →

Rome, Italy

Ah yes. Now I remember why I hate flying. It may sound short, but however long you're in the air seems to be doubled by getting to the airport...which is always a long way from town...waiting to check in, more waiting, waiting for your bags, and getting into the next town. Stupid planes. *ahem* anyway,... Continue Reading →

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