Thailand – Final Thoughts and Costs

Thailand -Final Thoughts Not to start on a negative note, but Thailand was the country which, perhaps, we were least looking forward to going to (least being in comparison, as we were still mightily looking forward to it!). And looking back, the first 2 destinations - Koh Chang and Bangkok - certainly weren't as exciting... Continue Reading →

Chiang Rai and beyond…

After a very windy, rough, but stunning bus ride through the mountainous north of the country, we arrived in Chiang Rai. With a population of just over 60,000, it is much smaller then its southern counterpart Chiang Mai. Founded in the early 1200s it is older than Chiang Mai and was the Lanna Kingdom capital... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our bus to Chiang Mai was anything but luxurious. There was little room for things like legs and the bus company had a policy of letting anyone on even if there weren't any seats left. At one stage I counted 13 people standing in the isle. The bus departed on time and with luck and... Continue Reading →

Sukhothai, Thailand

We were somewhat relieved to be leaving Bangkok. We enjoyed the city, but as we had been there before it was not new to us. Our next destination however was completely new. After a very comfortable 6 hour first class bus ride, we arrived in New Sukhothai. With a population of just 30,000 it was... Continue Reading →

Bangkok, Thailand

Having visited Bangkok only five months ago on our way back from Myanmar, it was already a known entity. Our trip from Koh Chang to Bangkok was interesting and included several hours of discomfort for Sam squished up in the back corner of a minivan...but these things happen. On our last trip to Bangkok we... Continue Reading →

Koh Chang, Thailand

The start of our trip was rather subdued. We have gotten so used to travelling during our holidays that it felt like a normal trip, just with bigger backpacks! Will had managed to get his down to 16kg, but Sam's was a heafty 20kg....and neither of those included a few extra kilos in the day... Continue Reading →

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