Thailand – Final Thoughts and Costs

Thailand -Final Thoughts

Not to start on a negative note, but Thailand was the country which, perhaps, we were least looking forward to going to (least being in comparison, as we were still mightily looking forward to it!). And looking back, the first 2 destinations – Koh Chang and Bangkok – certainly weren’t as exciting as we had hoped. Chang Khong was just far too touristy for our liking and at times it was hard to find anything or anyone Thai. And Bangkok was a bit of a known quantity so the excitement of a new place wasn’t really there. That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy Bangkok. We did. But we didn’t get the excitement of somewhere new.

When we reached Sukhothai however, that all changed. We simply loved the north of Thailand. The history and culture was so rich and distinctly Thai, and Sukhothai, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai felt so much less touristy than Bangkok or Koh Chang. Chiang Mai in particular was a fantastic place and one which we will definitely be heading back to in the future.

We have decided to include our budgets and spending in this blog, primarily because it is essentially acting as our diaries, but also for reference to any readers who want to know how much money to take to a particular country if they are going.

We spent a total of 50,827 Baht for 26 days in Thailand for everything. This equates to NZ$1,994 or $78 (1,988 Baht) per day for 2 people. We had budgeted $2,300 so were pretty stoked to be under! And it gives us a glimmer of hope that we may be able to complete our year trip within our budget which we set…which was unthinkable before we started as budgets are always too low! (Even with Will’s contingency sum).

So now onto Laos…a country we know basically nothing about. Just the way we like it!


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