Olomouc, Czech Republic

After our mini break from travel in Cesky Krumlov, we felt energised and ready to get going. We arrived in Olomouc in the afternoon, and quickly set about exploring the town and giving our legs, feet, and eyes something to do/see for the first time in a few days. The old town is split into... Continue Reading →

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

When we were planning this trip, one of the first places that we decided was a must see was Cesky Krumlov. I don't know if it was the stupid accent we used while saying the towns name or the photos we found online, but something told us we would love it.  After a pain free... Continue Reading →

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, along with Budapest, is one of the cities that we had heard the most about - and also heard how amazing, beautiful, and popular it is. We had planned for 5 days there, however that ended up being cut back to 3 (as we will write about in the next post). The first afternoon... Continue Reading →

Bled, Slovenia

I'm not going to even mention how much I hate buses. To get to Bled we had to take two of these horrible vehicles. On arrival we almost killed each other trying to get to our lodgings for the night, a sure sign that we need food. So, after some much needed sustenance (giant kebabs)... Continue Reading →

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