Olomouc, Czech Republic

After our mini break from travel in Cesky Krumlov, we felt energised and ready to get going. We arrived in Olomouc in the afternoon, and quickly set about exploring the town and giving our legs, feet, and eyes something to do/see for the first time in a few days.

The old town is split into 2 squares, each containing numerous statues as well as a large range of old and beautiful buildings. We joyfully spent the afternoon and evening exploring, as well as enjoying the customary beer and not so customary (but superb) kebab while sitting in the park.

The next morning we were feeling oddly full of energy, and so we decided to go for a run in the park in the rain. It’s weird how simple things can feel so good…We arrived back at the hotel soaked but with beaming smiles – and got some rather odd looks.

The rain persisted for much of the day, which meant the temperatures were just perfect for us. Luckily we had stumbled across the large local mall just as a huge downpour ensued saving us from the worst of it. 

That evening we decided to try some local fare, so found a restaurant on the square. Beef, dumplings, and some obscure gravy stuff for Will, which did wonders to remind him why he hates going to restaurants…But at least the beer was good. Sam on the other hand had a quack with green stuff (duck salad). Apparently it was amazing.
Next up, Krakow, and the start of 2 weeks in Poland


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