Cologne, Germany

After a long 5 hour train trip, made longer by the fact that we were stuck in seats facing the wrong way with a pole in the middle of our window, we arrived in Cologne. Now we were a little concerned about our accommodation as we booked it on a NZ site and the price... Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany

After a relatively easy tram/train/train/tram combination from Dresden, we arrived at our accommodation in Berlin. The place we stayed was fantastic as it was a 3 bedroom apartment, with each room very artily decorated and with an ensuite. Not to mention a fridge and full kitchen. Perfect!! We were about a 10 minute tram ride... Continue Reading →

Dresden, Germany

After a long and stunning train trip we arrived in the city of Dresden. The city was heavily bombed in the war with over 18,000 people killed and much of the city destroyed. We were staying in a youth hostel in the area of Neustadt about ten minutes walk from the Elbe river and twenty... Continue Reading →

Munich, Germany

Our train from Salzburg to Munich was unfortunately delayed for 2.5 hours, so we ended up finishing the 1.5 hour long train trip at 1pm. A bit later than we would have liked as we only had 3 days in Munich, thanks to a public holiday which pushed the accommodation prices up to stupid levels.... Continue Reading →

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