The Rest of Laos

What a title, eh? "The rest of Laos." Not lumping everything into a single category at all! But there's a reason for the lumping. Firstly, as always seems to be the way, we forgot to update the blog, and so are writing this several months after the trip had finished (oops). And secondly, after the... Continue Reading →

Laos Practicalities

Before I start writing about Laos, I need to air a pet peeve. There are quite a few blogs online claiming to be the experts in travel and, in this case, state what money to take into Laos. All the articles that we read stated that US Dollars and Thai Baht are widely accepted, and... Continue Reading →

4000 Islands, Laos

After a pretty painless 2 hour minibus ride we arrived at Ban Nampasak and promptly hopped on a small boat out to the islands. The trip out to the islands was breathtaking. The area, as the name suggests, is made up of around 4,000 islands in the Mekong river. The two main places that people... Continue Reading →

Pakse and Champasak, Laos

With few options available to us we booked a sleeper bus to take us the 10 hours from Vientiane to Pakse. We were told we would be collected at between 7 and 7:30pm. Well 7:30 came and went and at 7:45 we were getting nervous that we would miss our 8:30 bus. Eventually a van... Continue Reading →

Vientaine, Laos

The bus trip from Phonsavan to the Lao capital Vientaine was even more interesting and eventful than the first bus trip from Luang Prabang to Phonsavan. At 9 hours it was longer but in a bus virtually identical from the first. The only difference was that there was no aircon in this bus, which didn't... Continue Reading →

Phonsavan, Laos

We woke nervously to our alarms. Our first bus trip in Laos was awaiting us. We were heading to Phonsavan and had a 8:30am pick up. Our bus was called an express bus whatever that meant. We were nice and early for the bus and arrived with time to grab our seats and some food... Continue Reading →

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a beautiful town on the banks of the Mekong river with a population of just 50,000... far smaller than we were expecting. Our guesthouse was a beautiful traditional Lao house located in the heart of town run by a lovey lady and featured lots of wooden furnishings, floorboards, and a fantastic 1st... Continue Reading →

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