Valencia, Spain

Formula 1 and the America’s Cup. That’s all that we knew about Valencia, yet because of that we decided to make it our second stop off after Madrid. I guess putting all of that money into sporting events pays off when there’s people like us in the world!! After a quick and easy train ride... Continue Reading →

Madrid, Spain

This had been a long time in-between innings. With the exception of 5 days in Japan over the summer, we had not done any travelling for over a year, and we were beyond desperate to get on a plane and jet off somewhere. The dates of our month off were slightly misaligned, resulting in Sam... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona. Shithole of a city. There. Blog done. No, apparently I have to write more. Great. Let me back up a bit and start from the end. We found Barcelona to be one of the most touristy places that we have ever been. 90% of the people there appeared to be tourists, and the number... Continue Reading →

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