Vietnam, Final Thoughts and Costs

As we only spent 10 days in 2 cities, we are reserving judgement of Vietnam for a later date. Despite loving Cambodia and what we saw of Vietnam, we were beginning to get a bit sick of SE Asia, the disorganised chaos, and especially the relentless heat. We yearned to be somewhere where you didn't... Continue Reading →

Vung Tau, Vietnam

Ok, unless you have travelled for any length of time you will not understand the next statement. We need a holiday! After over two and a half months we need some more time to relax, with no loud noises, no scooters, no touters and nothing to do. Just like another 4000 islands! After the problems... Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We thought Phnom Penh was busy and hot. And then we went to Ho Chi Minh City which completely redefined those definitions. Our trip into Vietnam by bus was an easy 6 hour trip, including the border crossing where the security guard scanning all of our bags was actually asleep! The bus stopped on the... Continue Reading →

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