Vietnam, Final Thoughts and Costs

As we only spent 10 days in 2 cities, we are reserving judgement of Vietnam for a later date. Despite loving Cambodia and what we saw of Vietnam, we were beginning to get a bit sick of SE Asia, the disorganised chaos, and especially the relentless heat. We yearned to be somewhere where you didn’t leave a puddle whenever you sat down!

A couple of negatives for us were the touters, which never got too annoying as we had become pretty accustom to them, and, surprisingly, the food. We had heard so much about the food in Vietnam being outstanding, and that the food was its major draw card. Really? It was ok, and some meals were certainly excellent, but no better than Cambodia and certainly no where near as good (or as cheap) as Thailand. Perhaps we’ll find better dishes when we return. I kind of hope so!

As for costs: NZD755 for 10 days, or $75 a day for both of us, including the $130 odd for visas and the hydrofoil to Vung Tau. Not including visas the tour or transport we were living on $26 a day each. Pretty cheap!!


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