Dresden, Germany

After a long and stunning train trip we arrived in the city of Dresden. The city was heavily bombed in the war with over 18,000 people killed and much of the city destroyed. We were staying in a youth hostel in the area of Neustadt about ten minutes walk from the Elbe river and twenty... Continue Reading →

Munich, Germany

Our train from Salzburg to Munich was unfortunately delayed for 2.5 hours, so we ended up finishing the 1.5 hour long train trip at 1pm. A bit later than we would have liked as we only had 3 days in Munich, thanks to a public holiday which pushed the accommodation prices up to stupid levels.... Continue Reading →

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg. World renowned as the place in the classic movie "The Sound of Music", Wills "favourite." We had a three and a half hour train trip from Vienna to Salzburg arriving around mid day and grabbed a local bus to our hotel. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised by a large comfortable room with a... Continue Reading →

Vienna, Austria

To get from Venice to Vienna meant taking a bus to a town just across the border in Austria followed by a train. The scenery from the bus as it wound its way through the mountains in northern Italy was stunning. Valleys with azure blue rivers, snow capped mountains, villages dotted along the slopes, and... Continue Reading →

Venice, Italy

Oh Venice. The city of love, romance and 118 islands. And one of Will's favorite places. Now Venice was supposed to be (according to the travel guides) very expensive. With that in mind we decided to stay not on one if the 118 islands but on the mainland near the town of Mestre. We arrived... Continue Reading →

Florence, Italy

I like to say that leaving Rome went off without a hitch but this was not the case. We were up early, fed and showered with our packs on ready to leave when the door to our B n B wouldn't open. We tried our keys. Nothing. The other guests tried their keys. Nothing. We... Continue Reading →

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