Lumut, Malaysia

"Where?" "Why are you going there?" "But there is nothing to do." These were the questions that greeted us when we told people where we were going. While Pangkor Island is a well known tourist spot which is reached by ferry from Lumut, Lumut itself isn't a popular destination it would appear. Which suited is... Continue Reading →

Ipoh, Malaysia

32 degrees doesn't sound too hot. In fact it should be wonderful respite from the close to 40 degree temperatures in China. But yeah...Nah. Somehow it was even more humid that China, topping the scales at around 90%. The result? Sweat pouring off of us as we walked from the train to our hotel. Suddenly... Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Boy has it been all go. The fact that we didn't even book our flights until 4 days before departure, and weren't even sure where we were going up until that point, proves how manic we have been. Without delving too deeply into things, our previous university job in China had turned pretty sour. The... Continue Reading →

Ubon Ratchasima and Buriram

The last 2 stops on our trip (aside from the obligatory night in Bangkok before our flight) were Upon Ratchasima and Buriram. Ubon was up first and, like Mukdahan, was a western tourist-free zone. It was lovely! And although we didn't "do" much aside from wandering around the city and taking it all in, we... Continue Reading →

Mukdahan, Thailand

Crossing the Savannakhet Thailand-Laos friendship bridge made us smile the biggest smiles. We were so relieved to be back in Thailand after the awful previous week we had endured in Laos. Plus Mukdahan ended up being one of the best places on our whole trip. True, wherever we would have gone after Savannakhet would have... Continue Reading →

The Rest of Laos

What a title, eh? "The rest of Laos." Not lumping everything into a single category at all! But there's a reason for the lumping. Firstly, as always seems to be the way, we forgot to update the blog, and so are writing this several months after the trip had finished (oops). And secondly, after the... Continue Reading →

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