Lumut, Malaysia

“Where?” “Why are you going there?” “But there is nothing to do.”
These were the questions that greeted us when we told people where we were going. While Pangkor Island is a well known tourist spot which is reached by ferry from Lumut, Lumut itself isn’t a popular destination it would appear. Which suited is perfectly as we really needed somewhere to unwind and switch our brains off for a few days.

So what is there in Lumut? Well, to quote the local tourist information operator “there is nothing here.” I’ve never heard someone working in a tourist information centre say that about the place that they’re in! Not exactly what you’d call doing their job…
As it so happened, there was very little to do, but enough to keep us lazily occupied. The walk along the river was beautiful and the town very cute, helped by the fact that it was the offseason and virtually devoid of all tourists 😀

We did go to Pangkor Island on the second day for a day trip to see what all of the fuss was about. We saw the top attraction (an old Dutch fort which was tiny), a mosque, and a rock. Yes, a rock. Apparently it was a sight, but no where told us why. The walk along the road was interesting, and going past the fishing villages and boats equally interesting. But other than that…well…Suffice it to say that we’re glad we didn’t stay there. It was a hole. Filthy, loud due to all of the scooters, smelly, and very difficult to walk around. We were pretty glad to leave!

The other thing we did in Lumur, aside from kitten searching and eating dinner around a litter of playful kittens while watching the sun set, was plan the rest of our trip. We had been debating going to Vietnam for a few weeks, but decided against it and stuck with our original thoughts of going to Malaysian Borneo instead. But first, revisiting Penang for a few days. Onwards!


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