“Greece in winter? It’ll be terrible!”

"Why would you want to go to Greece in the winter?" "But...If you can't go to the beaches...What will you do?" "Everything will be closed. You can't even buy water." "Oh no no no...It'll be freezing and miserable." "Greece in winter? It'll be terrible!" These are some of the comments that greeted us when we... Continue Reading →

Malaysia Final Thoughts

We fell into this trip really. We had planned to re-sign at our last university, however for several reasons we decided to move and, thanks to changing our visa, needed a simple and cheap trip for our 2 month summer break. Cheap and easy flights to Malaysia and Thailand were all we could really find... Continue Reading →

Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka was basically the last stop off on this trip, save for a final day in KL prior to our flight. Sam had visited Melaka a few years previously and was keen to show me around, which sounded great. But unfortunately we had hit school holidays. And oh my god...It was horrific. The city itself... Continue Reading →

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