“Greece in winter? It’ll be terrible!”

“Why would you want to go to Greece in the winter?”

“But…If you can’t go to the beaches…What will you do?”

“Everything will be closed. You can’t even buy water.”

“Oh no no no…It’ll be freezing and miserable.”

“Greece in winter? It’ll be terrible!”

These are some of the comments that greeted us when we told people that we were heading to Greece for our winter holiday. It had long been a huge bucket list country, and we were finally in a more settled situation with work that we could afford the cost to go. And, especially after 4 months of excruciatingly hot and humid Southern China weather, we were desperate for some cold. Dreaming about it in fact!

Our planned trip would take us on a trip around the mainland, Santorini, Crete, as well as a week in Cyprus, and a few days stop over in Qatar. Will just couldn’t resist adding a couple of countries! And with 6 weeks on our hands, we certainly had time to do it. Also, for the first time in several years and armed with an international driving permit, we were going to hire a few cars and do a few road trips.

I guess we will find out if Greece in the winter is a terrible idea or not…


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