Working in China

Before we dive in and start writing posts about our latest trip, we feel like a bit of an update is in order. Mainly so that when we're farting away in a rest home with questionable mental faculties left, we can piece together parts of our travelling life more easily. Unlike at the end of... Continue Reading →

A New Adventure (at last!)

It had been nearly 18 months since we had properly travelled. We had visited several places in China during our 8 months living there, toured around a few spots in Korea since returning, and had a weekend away in Tokyo. Which was all well and good, but we were desperate to see something totally new.... Continue Reading →

Trans Siberean Rail Journey

We had been looking forward to doing the Trans-Siberian train for over a year, and in fact it was the catalyst for us planning a year of travelling. So to say we were slightly nervous was an understatement! We got up at 5am (despite the hotel forgetting to give us our requested wake up call),... Continue Reading →

Beijing, China

We were both excited, apprehensive and exhausted as we boarded the overnight sleeper train at Xian heading for Beijing. Excited, as we were on a newer train than our previous sleepers. Apprehensive, as we were just a little (well, massively) worried about getting our Trans Siberian tickets and the visas for Russia and Mongolia. Exhausted,... Continue Reading →

Xian, China

We arrived into Xian at 5:30am, which was still early enough for everything to be dark. We had met a lovely lady on the train who was kind enough to show us where the bus was, making the trip from the station to the hostel easy. After checking in we had a nap so we... Continue Reading →

Chengdu, China

Another overnight sleeper train, this time 24 hours. I think we might be getting used to them as we are getting more and more relaxed about getting to the train. After discovering the lack of coffee available onboard last time we took drastic action and bought our own coffee and plastic mugs for this trip.... Continue Reading →

Kunming, China

We had decided to buy tickets for all of our trains up to Xi'an both to ensure we had the beds that we wanted and to take advantage of the cheaper book-in-advance prices. However, the trains we wanted were already booked out. But after some broken English and odd looking sign language we booked a... Continue Reading →

Guilin, China

After Hong Kong we felt ready for the wild country of China. Only having 27 days to explore this vast country we chose just a few cities and towns to sink our teeth into. First stop Guilin, but we needed to get there first, by train. From Hong Kong we boarded the subway to the... Continue Reading →

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