A New Adventure (at last!)

It had been nearly 18 months since we had properly travelled. We had visited several places in China during our 8 months living there, toured around a few spots in Korea since returning, and had a weekend away in Tokyo. Which was all well and good, but we were desperate to see something totally new. And after being made redundant from our jobs, we decided that now was a perfect time.

We had planned a 2 week holiday in Bangladesh before we heard the news about our jobs. Due to the complexity of Korean visas we had to cancel our trip. But now with the extra time up our sleeves, it seemed like the perfect start for our new trip.

So, armed with some savings from home, a few flight and accommodation bookings, and a couple of backpacks, we sped off to Incheon airport. First up was a 1 night stopover in Guangzhou, China. Which was ideal as we were able to have dinner with a good friend of ours who was working there. A perfect start to the trip!




The next day we got on the plane bound for Bangladesh. We were extremely excited…but little did we know that we had one hell of a crazy day ahead of us…



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