Malaysia Final Thoughts

We fell into this trip really. We had planned to re-sign at our last university, however for several reasons we decided to move and, thanks to changing our visa, needed a simple and cheap trip for our 2 month summer break. Cheap and easy flights to Malaysia and Thailand were all we could really find... Continue Reading →

Laos Practicalities

Before I start writing about Laos, I need to air a pet peeve. There are quite a few blogs online claiming to be the experts in travel and, in this case, state what money to take into Laos. All the articles that we read stated that US Dollars and Thai Baht are widely accepted, and... Continue Reading →

Pula and Rovinj, Croatia

There's one thing about Croatia: even though we had to ride buses, the coastal roads provide stunning views. After a long and beautiful journey from Zadar we found ourselves in the small coastal town of Pula. Pula is famous for having one of the most well preserved Roman  colosseums in the world. We stayed in... Continue Reading →

Cambodia Final Thoughts and Costs

Despite entering Cambodia having heard mixed stories regarding safety and the people, we left with a love for the country. The people were amongst the friendliest we've ever met, and on more than one occasion jokes and taking the piss was shared with the locals. Angkor was just as awesome as all the superlative laden... Continue Reading →

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