Cambodia Final Thoughts and Costs

Despite entering Cambodia having heard mixed stories regarding safety and the people, we left with a love for the country. The people were amongst the friendliest we’ve ever met, and on more than one occasion jokes and taking the piss was shared with the locals. Angkor was just as awesome as all the superlative laden reviews claim, while Battambang left us wanting more. The crazed streets of the capital certainly provided a walking challenge whenever we left the hotel, and the sweltering heat made us crave air con nearly 24 hours a day. But we have already decided that we will return – perhaps even after Europe – such is how much we enjoyed the country.

As for costs? Including the $56 combined for visas, we spent $1,150 over the 17 days, or $67 a day. Slightly under budget, which was a relief after Laos!


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