Balkan Express

It's no secret that we love train trips, and this was supposedly one of Europe's best...A 10 hour trip from Belgrade in Serbia to Podgorica in Montenegro. Originally constructed in the 1970's, it boasted over 450 tunnels and 250 bridges over its length, which sounded very promising. We arrived at the train station in Belgrade,... Continue Reading →

Novi Sad, Serbia

Just 2 hours from Belgrade, the  local train to Novi Sad gave as our first glimpse of rural Serbia. After our time in Asia we both got excited by the sense of space and the stunning views of open countryside. We sat with our eyes glued to the view out the window, with silly grins... Continue Reading →

Belgrade, Serbia

Not for the first time in our travels we were entering a country where we really had no idea what to expect. However, this is usually a plus for us as it leaves more of a discovery feeling than the more well trodden path of more famous places. After a relatively pain free flight, super... Continue Reading →

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