Novi Sad, Serbia

Just 2 hours from Belgrade, the  local train to Novi Sad gave as our first glimpse of rural Serbia. After our time in Asia we both got excited by the sense of space and the stunning views of open countryside. We sat with our eyes glued to the view out the window, with silly grins on our faces for the whole time. 

Arriving in Novi Sad we strolled to our opulent hotel, feeling a little underdressed in our jeans and tees – but we didn’t care. After dumping our bags we headed to the city center, unperturbed by the drizzle. We explored the stunning center enjoying the historic buildings and churches, and undertook a long stroll along the Danube. 

Slightly wet from the rain that fell all day, we rewarded ourselves with a much deserved fantastic local beer and the most amazing pizza pie we have ever eaten for dinner. 
Day two started with yet another amazing Serbian breakfast with more yummyness than I have eaten in the last 3 years in Korea (sorry Korea!). We spent the morning hours exploring the oldest fortress in Serbia, Petrovaradin Fortress, which offered stunning views over Novi Sad and the Danube. We could truely understand why it’s walls have never been breached.

We returned to Belgrade late in the afternoon, gathered supplies, and had one final meal in Serbia, which consisted of enough meat to feed a person for a year! Tomorrow we will head on the Balkan Express…A 10 hour train trip from Belgrade to Podgorica in Montenegro. 


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