Balkan Express

It’s no secret that we love train trips, and this was supposedly one of Europe’s best…A 10 hour trip from Belgrade in Serbia to Podgorica in Montenegro. Originally constructed in the 1970’s, it boasted over 450 tunnels and 250 bridges over its length, which sounded very promising.
We arrived at the train station in Belgrade, and promptly boarded a bus to a different station – as the tracks were under repair, the first hour had to be done by road. Once we got to Lazarevac station, we found our seats in an incredibly old, dilapidated and filthy carriage…But we loved it! It just added to the character. The fact that the two ladies sharing our cabin had a very friendly small dog made things even better!

The train left at 10:40am, and arrived in Podgorica just after 8pm. It was just as spectacular as we had read, and whilst our photos don’t do it justice, the trip has slotted into number 2 of our all time favourite train journeys behind only the mighty transsiberian.


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