Kunming, China

We had decided to buy tickets for all of our trains up to Xi'an both to ensure we had the beds that we wanted and to take advantage of the cheaper book-in-advance prices. However, the trains we wanted were already booked out. But after some broken English and odd looking sign language we booked a... Continue Reading →

Guilin, China

After Hong Kong we felt ready for the wild country of China. Only having 27 days to explore this vast country we chose just a few cities and towns to sink our teeth into. First stop Guilin, but we needed to get there first, by train. From Hong Kong we boarded the subway to the... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong and Macau

Ah Hong Kong. God we love Hong Kong. After landing we instantly stopped being annoyed at having to pay the airfare to get here. The greatest city on earth. A symphony of modernism, Chinese culture with British streaks, clean, sophisticated, efficient, beautiful, and....cold!!! Words cannot describe how amazing it felt to leave the heat of... Continue Reading →

Vung Tau, Vietnam

Ok, unless you have travelled for any length of time you will not understand the next statement. We need a holiday! After over two and a half months we need some more time to relax, with no loud noises, no scooters, no touters and nothing to do. Just like another 4000 islands! After the problems... Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We thought Phnom Penh was busy and hot. And then we went to Ho Chi Minh City which completely redefined those definitions. Our trip into Vietnam by bus was an easy 6 hour trip, including the border crossing where the security guard scanning all of our bags was actually asleep! The bus stopped on the... Continue Reading →

Cambodia Final Thoughts and Costs

Despite entering Cambodia having heard mixed stories regarding safety and the people, we left with a love for the country. The people were amongst the friendliest we've ever met, and on more than one occasion jokes and taking the piss was shared with the locals. Angkor was just as awesome as all the superlative laden... Continue Reading →

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh Take : one After spending weeks in small towns we were rather exited by the possibilities that Phnom Penh offered. We needed a big bustling city and finally we got it. The bus from Kratie was basic but more than adequate and dropped us within a few K's walk of our hotel. Yes,... Continue Reading →

Angkor temples, Cambodia

The bus to Siem Reap was rather uneventful and fast, thank god! We arrived at the bus station in Siem Reap and waited with anticipation as we were told to expect mafia like tuktuk drivers. We were grateful that our guesthouse provided a free pickup as the barbed wire gates to the bus station were... Continue Reading →

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