A Terrible Start

So not the goodbye we were hoping for. Our final day in Haenam was marred by Will having a nasty bike crash on the way to the bus terminal. Fortunately he crashed in front of the doctors clinic, so after calling Sam and Karobin to rescue his bag and what remained of his bike he... Continue Reading →

Our next adventure…

After 2 years living in a sleepy rural town deep in the south of south Korea, we have decided that it is time once again to venture out and travel. We had done very little travelling since our south asia trip at the beginning of 2015, save for a couple trips to Japan and a... Continue Reading →

Porto, Portugal

It seemed like months since we had taken a train somewhere with our big backpacks on, even though it had been a little under 4 weeks. But it was as easy as ever, if somewhat annoying as we were stuck in seats where the window blind would not open. We got to our hotel in... Continue Reading →

Marrakech & Rabat, Morocco

It is well over a year since we visited Morocco, and so I'll keep this short as my memory isn't as fresh as it usually is when I write about places. Marrakech struck us as being very similar to Barcelona: touristy. The souk, whilst stunning and great fun to explore (as long as you did... Continue Reading →

Valencia, Spain

Formula 1 and the America’s Cup. That’s all that we knew about Valencia, yet because of that we decided to make it our second stop off after Madrid. I guess putting all of that money into sporting events pays off when there’s people like us in the world!! After a quick and easy train ride... Continue Reading →

Madrid, Spain

This had been a long time in-between innings. With the exception of 5 days in Japan over the summer, we had not done any travelling for over a year, and we were beyond desperate to get on a plane and jet off somewhere. The dates of our month off were slightly misaligned, resulting in Sam... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona. Shithole of a city. There. Blog done. No, apparently I have to write more. Great. Let me back up a bit and start from the end. We found Barcelona to be one of the most touristy places that we have ever been. 90% of the people there appeared to be tourists, and the number... Continue Reading →

Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Japan

It had only been 5 months since our trip around South Asia, but it felt like years. The urge to travel was still biting us hard, however our new job only gave us a 1 week holiday in the summer. This was compensated for by 3 weeks in winter, but that feels like an age... Continue Reading →

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