A Terrible Start

So not the goodbye we were hoping for. Our final day in Haenam was marred by Will having a nasty bike crash on the way to the bus terminal. Fortunately he crashed in front of the doctors clinic, so after calling Sam and Karobin to rescue his bag and what remained of his bike he was able to get seen to immediately, dripping blood all through the doctors’ waiting room as he went. Having landed squarely on his shoulder and side, he had nasty road rash, bruising, and a “severe contusion” (the doctors’ words) to his shoulder. It scared the hell out of both of us, and the bike wasn’t too well off either. 

We finally managed to catch the bus to Iksan, where we would spend the weekend with friends (minus the broken bike). But during the bus ride, Will’s shoulder started to swell and stiffen up. Upon arrival, he was unable to move his arm, let alone carry his bag. Crap. 

Following a rather painful weekend, Monday was spent in doctors’ clinics getting x-rays, physiotherapy, and an injection in the arse (standard Korean practice for pain/inflammation). We finally made the decision to keep our travel plans, despite Will’s arm being in a sling and the difficulty of everyday things such as getting dressed! But shit happens, and nothing was going to get in the way of our trip. Hopefully the armfuls of pain and anti-inflammatory meds will help things along. ~ we’re glad we decided to pack light, as at least Sam can carry both of our bags by herself!

Should be an interesting flight…


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