Our next adventure…

After 2 years living in a sleepy rural town deep in the south of south Korea, we have decided that it is time once again to venture out and travel. We had done very little travelling since our south asia trip at the beginning of 2015, save for a couple trips to Japan and a single lonely jaunt to Spain and Morocco. But nothing exceeding 2 weeks. Hence our feet had grown irritatingly itchy. The solution? A 3 month trip around central Europe. Longer than the seemingly whirlwind 6 weeks from Bangladesh to Sri Lanka, but shorter than the 10 months we had travelled back in 2012/13. Perhaps this will be the ideal travel length!

One thing that we are trying differently is to cut back considerably on our luggage. Down from whopping 25kg 75 litre packs to carry ons, less than 10kgs in weight and 35 litres in size. Hopefully it doesn’t prove to be too minimalist! One of the main reasons for reducing our backpack size is we will be spending more days this trip with our bags on our backs, and also we realised we had so many unnecessary items last time. Worst case scenario, we buy what we need along the way. 

As we age and develop as travelers we have learnt a lot about ourselves. Firstly,  we like nice accommodation. I’m not saying the ritz, but gone are the days that we are happy in a hostel with a shared bathroom. We like hotels close to transportation and centrally located. We often spend the mornings and early afternoons out and return to chill for a few hours. Learning more about what we enjoy with travel and what we get out of it certainly affects where we will be staying, and what we will be taking with us.

After spending most of the last 6 years living in Asia we both appreciate the simple food in life such as bread, cheese, wine and beer. A trip to a local supermarket or market excites us more than it should. We often eat our lunch out, much cheaper than an evening meal and usually much more relaxed, before finding something much simpler for our dinner. This helps both our budget and our waist lines!    

So tomorrow we say goodbye to Korea (again). First stop: Serbia! We can’t wait!


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