Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has been high on our list of must see places for a long time...So finally getting there felt somewhat surreal. We had 4.5 days to explore this vast city during a heat wave which saw temperatures hitting the 40 mark. Joy. As with any touristy city, the 'tourist bubble' was very noticeable. When we... Continue Reading →

Gyor and Sopron, Hungary

Having originally booked to stay 3 nights in Zagreb, Croatia, we had a change of heart. We had had enough of Croatia and decided to move things around so we could have some more time in Hungary. We chose to stay in the northern town of Gyor for two reasons: first the train from Ljubljana... Continue Reading →

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The first thing that we had read about Ljubljana (pronounced "LL Cool J") was that, unlike most European capital cities, there were no sights in the city as such. Hence it was a city to just wander around and experience daily life, which sounded like it was right up our alley.  The first afternoon was... Continue Reading →

Bled, Slovenia

I'm not going to even mention how much I hate buses. To get to Bled we had to take two of these horrible vehicles. On arrival we almost killed each other trying to get to our lodgings for the night, a sure sign that we need food. So, after some much needed sustenance (giant kebabs)... Continue Reading →

Piran, Slovenia

Where the hell are we? What is this place?! Is this like the Slovenian plastic surgery capital?? In order to get to Piran, the bus dropped us off in Potoroz, about 3km away from Piran. Being a Sunday, it was quite busy, and the recent run of hot and sunny weather had brought weekend trippers... Continue Reading →

Pula and Rovinj, Croatia

There's one thing about Croatia: even though we had to ride buses, the coastal roads provide stunning views. After a long and beautiful journey from Zadar we found ourselves in the small coastal town of Pula. Pula is famous for having one of the most well preserved Roman  colosseums in the world. We stayed in... Continue Reading →

Zadar, Croatia

Not for the first time on this trip, we were glad that we have small bags. The early arrival of the bus gave us 4 hours before we could check in to our hostel, meaning 4 hours of exploring with bags. We certainly don't miss our 25kg 70 litre monstrosities from our year long trip!... Continue Reading →

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