Patan, Nepal and Nepal Costs

Shockingly, our trip from Pokhara to Kathmandu was uneventful and strike free. Finally! So we were able to enjoy the 8 hour USD9 each trip and relax. Our plan was to see Patan, a city directly south of Kathmandu, before heading to Bhaktapur and Nagarkot. 500Rs got us a taxi there from our hotel in... Continue Reading →

Pokhara, Nepal

Are we cursed? Or is it just bad luck? ....we had our bus tickets and were ready to head to the lakeside town of Pokhara. Upon arriving at the bus departure area at 6:45am, we were informed that there was a strike today, and our companies bus was not running. Great. But fortunately we nabbed... Continue Reading →

Kathmandu, Nepal

We left Bangladesh bright and early and walked the 1.8km to the airport. After being ripped off during our last 2 taxi trips thanks to the hartals, there was no way we were going to get in another hotel-arranged taxi! We were tired yet excited about getting to Nepal. We had a slight mishap prior... Continue Reading →

Dhaka, Bangladesh

After a tedious two hours to get through customs, we met a person from the B&B and left the airport. We were only going 5km, however we had managed to arrive right at the conclusion of a huge religious festival. Add to this a hartal (a strike that included transport blockades) regarding political unrest, and... Continue Reading →

A New Adventure (at last!)

It had been nearly 18 months since we had properly travelled. We had visited several places in China during our 8 months living there, toured around a few spots in Korea since returning, and had a weekend away in Tokyo. Which was all well and good, but we were desperate to see something totally new.... Continue Reading →

The End…for now

Just over 10 months, 26 countries, about $50,000 spent, and several lifetimes' worth of memories. Our "year" travelling had been simply epic, and 1 year on we still reminisce about it regularly, sometimes in slight disbelief. But one thing is for sure: it will not be our last big trip. We did learn that about... Continue Reading →

Brussels, Belgium

We were greated at Brussels Zuid station by some friends and taken to their home on the outskirts of Brussels. For Will this was incredibly exciting as they were still in the same house that he used to visit as a child. The memories flooded back, and we spent an afternoon and evening reminiscing about the... Continue Reading →

Northern England

There's not too much to write about the week and a half we spent in the north of England. Mainly because we didn't do much during that time. We had arranged to stay with some family friends in a small village called Stone, but before there we spent 2 days slowly making our way to Hardian's Wall.... Continue Reading →


We got the early morning ferry from Northern Ireland and arrived into Scotland around lunch time. From there we knew exactly where we were heading: Galloway Forest Park. After a few hours drive we got there, and very quickly found a good spot for the night in a tiny carpark nestled into some trees. Finally!... Continue Reading →

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