Brugges, Belgium, and Luxembourg

Our second to last stop, Brugges was one place where we had heard a lot about but were a little unsure what to expect. We were a bit worried that it would be far to touristy for our liking. While that was true to an extent, we found a lot of places in the town that were perfect for us…after seeing the canals, the square, and the other must-sees, we found ourselves sticking to the side streets, which gave a real sense of a medieval town. We hunted down cafes, restaurants and bars that were as local as possible, and once again nearly drowned in the copious amounts of beer that we drank. One particular favourite was going into a cafe for some coffee in the morning, and finding that a pint of Hoegaarden was cheaper than a coffee…so it had to be done. Sitting outside looking over a canal with a pint of Hoegaarden at 10am is highly recommended!

SAMSUNG DSCN7230 DSCN7270 DSCN7241 DSCN7244 DSCN7247 DSCN7262 DSCN7263 DSCN7249

After leaving Brugges, we took a train to Luxembourg. Not the most direct route, but we wanted to cover off all of the countries in the region, and so decided to at least pop over for a few days and have a look. To be honest, there isn’t really much to Luxembourg. It almost felt like a mix of Belgium, Germany and France and without an identity of its own. The streets and alleyways were typically European with cobbled roads and stone clad buildings. But we didn’t really come away from it having much opinion at all. However, we were also aware that 3 days later we would be getting on a flight back to the other side of the world, so perhaps this affected our judgement somewhat.

DSCN7209 DSCN7208 DSCN7223 DSCN7221 DSCN7204 DSCN7192

Once back in Brussels we used the time to make our final arrangements, strip our bags of anything which we did not need to take, and prepare for the next phase.


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