Brussels, Belgium

We were greated at Brussels Zuid station by some friends and taken to their home on the outskirts of Brussels. For Will this was incredibly exciting as they were still in the same house that he used to visit as a child. The memories flooded back, and we spent an afternoon and evening reminiscing about the past and telling tales of our travels to date.

That evening we decided on the next step. We would have 2 weeks in Belgium and Luxembourg, and then fly to Taiwan and get jobs there. We had loved Taiwan when we visited, and after hearing about it from friends that we had met in Korea, decided that it was worth a go trying to settle down there for a couple of years.

With our flights booked and a solid plan in place, we spent the next few days exploring Brussels and the surrounds. As with Paris and Monflanquin, Will acted as tour guide, and showed Sam all of the spots, as well as his old family homes and suburbs where he used to live. To get into the city, we took a tram through the forest, which was a fantastic way of getting into the city. Sam had never thought of Belgium as being so green!

DSCN7191 DSCN7161 DSCN7162
DSCN7172 DSCN7176

Our days in Brussels were spent exploring areas like the Grand Place, City2, and other sights and sounds. And of course introducing Sam to frites avec mayo, Belgian Waffles, and beer. Lots of beer. Lots and lots of beer. We ended up how many beers we tried over the next 2 weeks!


We left our big bags at the house and travelled onwards to Brugges and Luxembourg with our small day packs. A nice easy way to start the last leg of our journey!



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