The End…for now

Just over 10 months, 26 countries, about $50,000 spent, and several lifetimes’ worth of memories. Our “year” travelling had been simply epic, and 1 year on we still reminisce about it regularly, sometimes in slight disbelief. But one thing is for sure: it will not be our last big trip. We did learn that about 5-6 months is a perfect amount of time for us. It was a good thing that we stopped when we did. Looking back on it, if we had done any more then we would not have fully appreciated what we were seeing. Also, next time we will try and stay in one continent so that we don’t have to go through any huge cultural jumps. That way we can fully appreciate the subtle changes between neighbouring countries.

Our initial plan of settling down in Taiwan did not pan out. After finding the jobs there a bit too dodgy for our liking, we ended up heading back to New Zealand for a few weeks before heading to China to work in a university in the northern city of Shenyang. It was quite an experience, and one worthy of it’s own post (one day!).

If anyone reading this is thinking of doing a long trip over and above the usual 2 weeks-1 month holiday, then our advice would be to do it. Without doubt. Go. It will be such an amazing experience!


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