Tartu, Estonia

As per usual, we got very lazy at the end of our trip and totally forgot to update our blog. And it wasn't until we were about to head away for another trip that we remembered about it! So we'll quickly throw together some memories and photos from our last 3 stops of our European... Continue Reading →

A Terrible Start

So not the goodbye we were hoping for. Our final day in Haenam was marred by Will having a nasty bike crash on the way to the bus terminal. Fortunately he crashed in front of the doctors clinic, so after calling Sam and Karobin to rescue his bag and what remained of his bike he... Continue Reading →

Our next adventure…

After 2 years living in a sleepy rural town deep in the south of south Korea, we have decided that it is time once again to venture out and travel. We had done very little travelling since our south asia trip at the beginning of 2015, save for a couple trips to Japan and a... Continue Reading →

The End…for now

Just over 10 months, 26 countries, about $50,000 spent, and several lifetimes' worth of memories. Our "year" travelling had been simply epic, and 1 year on we still reminisce about it regularly, sometimes in slight disbelief. But one thing is for sure: it will not be our last big trip. We did learn that about... Continue Reading →

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