Coming soon to a computer near you…

Before we add our next posts, just a little note regarding photos. Finding computers to download photos from our camera is proving to be nearly impossible, especially seeing as the computers we do find are old and won’t even recognise our new camera.

So, since Kunming in China, we have been taking some photos on Will’s old Korean phone so that we have some pictures to add to the blog. Hence the crappy quality of any pictures since Cambodia. But, due to overexcitedness and brain failures, we forgot to take any photos on the phone during the Beijing – Moscow Trans Siberian train trip. So when we finally manage to get a computer that works we will post that post.

I would also like to add that having beer and chocolate in the same sitting doesn’t work, children on planes should be muzzled, and queues for women’s toilets are always bafflingly long.


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