Malaysia Final Thoughts

We fell into this trip really. We had planned to re-sign at our last university, however for several reasons we decided to move and, thanks to changing our visa, needed a simple and cheap trip for our 2 month summer break. Cheap and easy flights to Malaysia and Thailand were all we could really find... Continue Reading →

Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka was basically the last stop off on this trip, save for a final day in KL prior to our flight. Sam had visited Melaka a few years previously and was keen to show me around, which sounded great. But unfortunately we had hit school holidays. And oh my god...It was horrific. The city itself... Continue Reading →

Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching is known as the Cat city and appears to have been named after a cat. This sounded purrfect for us! But unfortunately, there were very few cats to be seen. Oh well. We had 5 days there total, and had hoped for a mixture of exploring and chilling. And that's exactly what we got.... Continue Reading →

Miri, Malaysia

After an easy and quite scenic bus trip, we arrived in Miri. We had decided to spend 3 full days there, because we had read that it isn't very good and tourists should avoid staying there. Sounds perfect right?! The town itself was in fact quite nice, and felt, for lack of a better word,... Continue Reading →

Labuan, Malaysia

Boat trips are always fun. Not cruises of course - horrific things destroying port towns that are full of pretentious dickwads who have no idea how to travel so pay someone to lead them around and show them highlights of a place for an hour between drinks. Labuan was a few hours away from KK,... Continue Reading →

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

‌We were pretty excited to be setting foot in Borneo. It's somewhere we had never really envisaged going, although there was no real basis for that. However, whilst we did not really know what to expect, Kota Kinabalu (or KK as the locals call it), totally threw us. It seemed like more a run down... Continue Reading →

Penang, Malaysia

To say that our hotel was right in the thick of it would be a huge understatement. Our request for an upper floor was again granted, and the view down one of the main streets was not what we expected from a budget hotel. Penang had far far more tourists than any of the previous... Continue Reading →

Lumut, Malaysia

"Where?" "Why are you going there?" "But there is nothing to do." These were the questions that greeted us when we told people where we were going. While Pangkor Island is a well known tourist spot which is reached by ferry from Lumut, Lumut itself isn't a popular destination it would appear. Which suited is... Continue Reading →

Ipoh, Malaysia

32 degrees doesn't sound too hot. In fact it should be wonderful respite from the close to 40 degree temperatures in China. But yeah...Nah. Somehow it was even more humid that China, topping the scales at around 90%. The result? Sweat pouring off of us as we walked from the train to our hotel. Suddenly... Continue Reading →

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