Split, Croatia

Our journey from Mostar to Split was yet another stunning trip, if not a little long and only made longer by two elderly gentlemen who forgot to change buses at the halfway point resulting in a minor stress involving half the bus giving their advice. Upon arrival in Split we were collected by our host... Continue Reading →

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After a relatively quick bus trip of 2 hours (yet still horrible because buses suck big fat monkey balls) we arrived in Mostar. We had decided to stay overnight to avoid all of the day trippers, which ended up being a good idea as the evening was very quiet (save for about 15 school trips... Continue Reading →

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The 6 hour bus trip from Podgorica to Sarajevo was something that neither of us were looking forward to, but  fortunately for us the bus was comfortable and the views were stunning. As we set off the rain started, making for the perfect temperature for travelling, even if it made the narrow and in parts... Continue Reading →

Podgorica, Montenegro

Before I start, I would like to state a few things that I had read about Podgorica: "Rude locals." "The city has no character." "Boring grid design" "Don't bother going. Get on the first bus or train out of town." Our initial impressions weren't great, as the host of our apartment hadn't turned up and... Continue Reading →

Kotor, Montenegro

If Budva had surpassed our expectations, Kotor well and truly blew them out of the water. We had only decided to alter our plans and go there several days beforehand, and we are so glad that we did!  Our initial impressions were of a crazily busy fjord, with a pretty old town, and a giant... Continue Reading →

Budva, Montenegro

Having stopped just briefly enough in Podgorica to sleep and eat yet more amazing food, we  took a minibus to the beachside town of Budva. As we wove along the steep mountain roads we had stunning views of the Mediterranean and little towns dotted along the coast.  We had low expectations of Budva as it... Continue Reading →

Balkan Express

It's no secret that we love train trips, and this was supposedly one of Europe's best...A 10 hour trip from Belgrade in Serbia to Podgorica in Montenegro. Originally constructed in the 1970's, it boasted over 450 tunnels and 250 bridges over its length, which sounded very promising. We arrived at the train station in Belgrade,... Continue Reading →

Novi Sad, Serbia

Just 2 hours from Belgrade, the  local train to Novi Sad gave as our first glimpse of rural Serbia. After our time in Asia we both got excited by the sense of space and the stunning views of open countryside. We sat with our eyes glued to the view out the window, with silly grins... Continue Reading →

Belgrade, Serbia

Not for the first time in our travels we were entering a country where we really had no idea what to expect. However, this is usually a plus for us as it leaves more of a discovery feeling than the more well trodden path of more famous places. After a relatively pain free flight, super... Continue Reading →

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