Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After a relatively quick bus trip of 2 hours (yet still horrible because buses suck big fat monkey balls) we arrived in Mostar. We had decided to stay overnight to avoid all of the day trippers, which ended up being a good idea as the evening was very quiet (save for about 15 school trips of kids from all around Bosnia, although they were all sheparded by teachers and so weren’t as annoying as they could have been).
Mostar’s claim to fame is it’s old town and old bridge spanning the river that runs through town. It was certainly very picturesque, and made for an enjoyable couple of strolls. 

Whilst we were glad that we stayed overnight to see the town when it was empty, any longer would have been overkill ~ so unlike Sarajevo, we had timed this perfectly. Next up, Split in Croatia: Will’s 50th country, so to say that he was very excited was quite the understatement!


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