We went from Kratie to Phnom Penh, however as we will be returning to Phnom Penh for a few days we will write about that then. All I will say now is that the bus from Kratie was, as we are used to with Laos, 30 minutes late, and took a lengthy 8 hours (as opposed to the 5 hours advertised!)

Our next destination was going to be down to the towns of Kampot and Sihanoukville, and we had booked a bus to take us down there. We had heard and read that it was a luxury bus. So we waited in the morning for our 7am pickup for the 8am bus departure. At 7.20 a Giant Ibis (the bus company name) shuttle zoomed past. Thinking they may have missed us, we called them only to be told it was fine, they will be there in 5-10 minutes. 15 minutes later we called again, and were told not to worry, the bus wouldn’t leave without us and they would be there in 15-25 minutes. At 8.30 we called again…this time asking the hotel manager to talk to them. And yes, they had forgotten us and the bus had already left. Fortunately we laughed and found it rather funny, and so booked another night into our hotel and spent an extra day in Phnom Penh deciding what to do. We ended up making the decision to cut back our time in Asia by a month, change our tickets for the transsiberean and get into Europe in mid April instead of mid May. Hotels in Europe are hugely cheaper then, which was a big plus, and we desperately want to see Europe. Even during the past week during dinner we have been talking about Europe, not where we are. So we want to just get there. Plus we will probably be living so close to SE Asia that coming back here for a holiday will be cheap  and easy if we feel like we missed anything. Besides, 3 weeks in Cambodia and 2 in Vietnam is still a pretty decent amount of time!

Feeling good about our decision, we booked a bus…using a different bus company…to Battambang. Hopefully this one will get us there!!!


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