Kaunas, Lithuania

We were always a bit concerned about how we would get from Warsaw to Kaunas. Up until recently the only option appeared to be a bus that took 300,000,000 years, and cost you your soul, worldly possessions, and sanity. Lucky for us there was a brand new train. So new in fact that from Bialystok to Kaunas there was literally a dozen people onboard, making it feel like travelling in first class, unlike the peasants on board those disease ridden wheeled road-going monstrosities (said with pinky finger raised). The only downside to the train was a 3 hour stop off in Bialystok, which we spent trying to find something other than McDonalds for lunch. We arrived into Kaunas at 9:30pm and, as arranged by our hotel, were picked up by a taxi driver. We hate taking taxis at the best of times, but this guy was a real prick and spent most of the trip trying to press a button that added to the overall fare. Fortunately Will made it extremely obvious that he was staring at the meter so that he wouldn’t do it.

Kaunas is known as a university city with a young vibe. As we arrived on a Saturday night we decided to stroll to the local pub street for a brew. After a two week self imposed beer ban we had possibly the best tasting beer ever. It tasted like rainbow unicorn orgasms floating on a bed of saffron infused truffles served on silk sheets.

The next morning revealed a wet and cold day: perfect!  We took our umbrellas out and heading off to explore the town. Being a Sunday, the city was very quiet with people either being hungover or not bothering to venture out into the grey day. Basically it was perfect for an easy stroll between coffee shops whilst enjoying the relaxed feel of the city with its wide walking streets and easy flow between old and new. I think I’m going to like Lithuania.

Alas, our time in Kaunas had already ended, as tomorrow we head to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.


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