The Beginning

Tonight is our last night out in Korea. It has been an amazing 2 years full of new experiences, amazing new adventures and great new friends. We have always wanted to travel, and in the past 2 years working as English teachers we have managed to visit no less than 10 countries. Add to this the best work and social life that we have ever had and it’s easy to see why we are more than a little sad to be saying goodbye. But perhaps it won’t be saying goodbye forever…

Next year we will realise a long held dream of ours: to travel for a year. To say that we are excited is a monumental understatement! In less than 2 weeks we will be starting the first part of our journey with a relaxing week in Koh Chang, Thailand. Hey, everyone deserves a holiday, right?! From there we plan on spending another 3 weeks in Thailand, before heading through Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China – all for around a months worth of travel in each country. Then hop on the Transsiberian from Beijing to Moscow to begin the second phase of our trip: Europe. Will has lived in Belgium for 10 years, so for him it will almost seem like a homecoming, whereas for Sam it will be the first time in that part of the world.

But alas, that is a good 5 months away and there is plenty of sights to see, food and drinks to savour, people to meet, and cultures to immerse ourselves in before we get to that point. Hmm, that sounds like a good toast for tonight.


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