Ireland – Part 2

We left the ring of Kerry, and headed towards Ireland’s jewel. It’s beating heart. It’s soul…….
Father Ted’s house.

We stopped at a small village close by and camped there for somewhat of an eventful night. After bumping into a French lady doing a trip by herself for the 3rd campsite in a row, we enjoyed the site of a school trip where the teachers were chronically scolding the loud children. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a wine as the sun sets while watching naughty children being marched to their beds with no play time for that evening allowed. Suited us perfectly!

The following morning we packed up and went to find the house. After a bit of searching, and driving down somewhat of a long dirt road to find it, we finally laid eyes on it. However we didn’t stop long, seeing as it is a private residence and I’m sure they get lots of people stopping off for photos…just like us. We could have gone in and seen the house if we had booked and paid for morning tea, but we were happy with just the sight of the house, and appreciating the surroundings that it was in (which were beautiful!).


Following that, the last leg of our trip in Ireland took us to Dublin. Unfortunately, as we had found in several places in England, the whole camping thing really dented our Dublin experience. We were only there for 2 days, but with a 1 hour bus ride to and from the campsite, it was a pretty exhausting 2 days. The best part was undoubtedly meeting a friend from Korea at the pub and doing the quintessential pint of Guinness while listening to….music (note that Will generally despises live music of all types, so for him to not hate it is a huge compliment!).



Dublin aside (which we will have to do again one day in somewhat better circumstances!) we enjoyed Ireland, with the ring of Kerry being the best part for us (well, after Father Ted’s house of course!). Next up was Northern Ireland…where we had both our worst experiences of all of our travels, and also the best, making for extremely mixed views.



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