Bratislava, Slovakia

We had heard that Bratislava was a beautiful city and, not for the first time on this trip, we were not disappointed. Castles, heat, old buildings, a rain storm and ridiculously cute beavers were all in store for us.
For our three nights in Bratislava we had booked to stay in a hotel aptly named old town hotel right in the heart of the old town. After following the signs, past a Thai massage parlour and up a ton of rather dodgy looking steps, we found ourselves in an old hotel and were issued a key to possibly the biggest room we had on the trip so far, with its own living room. In keeping with the theme the furnishings and flocked wall paper had a rather dated feeling. An interesting treat for what was our 50th country travelling together.

It seems that every time we visit Europe we arrive in the midst of a heat wave. The average temperatures for this region at this time of year are usually mid 20s. However, they were in the 30s since we had left Slovenia, with 40 degrees being hit on several occasions. We were both not really coping with the intense heat, and since most of our accommodation had no air conditioning we were getting no respite. The heat had also affected our appetite and neither of us felt like anything hot in the way of food, resulting in more amazing sandwiches, ice creams and beer being consumed rather than hot stews and goulash that this region is famous for. That being said, years of living in Asia has allowed us to truly appreciate the simple things in life. 
Anyway, on to Bratislava…we spent the most part of our three days doing what we usually do:  strolling the streets of the old town and admiring the stunning architecture. Whilst it may sound repetitive to some, we love exploring the differences of each new place that we go to. Climbing up the old city walls, exploring the castle and visiting Slavin – a large war memorial situated on the highest hill in the city. In particular, getting lost around the city walls and in the old Jewish quarter, with its narrow cobbled streets, cute cafes, and eerie almost abandoned feeling in places was a particular highlight.

On our second night while having a few post dinner drinks we were given some relief as a thunderstorm hit. It was the first time in over 2 weeks that we were cold, and it was amazing! That night we both finally slept soundly and we woke feeling refreshed to a much cooler day, making us both incredibly happy.
On our final night we headed for the river for a stroll at sunset and found beavers! I for one had never ever seen a beaver in a zoo let alone in the wild. As we strolled along the esplanade we followed the course of two rather large beavers as they swam upstream and beavered away.

Tomorrow we head to Prague feeling more refreshed than when we arrived.


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